The player's journey begins in a dark wasteland where none of his tribe dares to approach, where the air is thick with mystery and the light dim. As he walks, he hears a dull, distant noise that seems to be getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a monstrous creature emerges with tentacles that wrap themselves around the player, threatening to make him disappear forever. It is at this moment that the player fights for his life and manages to survive the battle! He is imbued with an ancestral power during the fight that gives him the ability to modify a deck of cards, each of which represents a mystical power and can be used to fight the forces that inhabit that place. With his deck, the player explores abandoned places and discovers the truth about his tribe and its origins, facing increasingly frightening monsters each time. The game is based on the game mechanics of a classic Desk Builder Game, in the style of Dungeon Crower. The main character will be able to choose a deck from 3 basic ones and upgrade it during the game by adding cards or making some of them stronger. Fundamental mechanic is time; each explorable area changes according to the time of day. The player will be able to explore some areas by searching for information about the past and the monsters he will slowly encounter. Each monster to weak points that allow its defeat. Each deck has ancestral weapons with powers of the elements, some are very effective on a monster and others less so. Investigating the wastelands it will be up to the player to find clues as to when and what to use to defeat these creatures.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Massimiliano Ariani

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