CycloPara is a name on play on words. ("the cycle of a parasite") the parasite in question is a type of Ophiocordycept. similar to the game the "last of us" The game consisted of 5 minigames reflecting each stage of the fungi's cycle. Stage 1: (Mini Game 1) Spores Cycle: Getting to know the controls, (WSAD, Space, Mouse click, and Mouse move) a fully grown fungus is perched on the underside of a leaf. zooming in on the surface of the head of the cordyceps we view a single Spore. with zero UI and zero text, the player would need to find out what controls do what. moving the mouse around will dislodge our Spore. and any other key will react to an audio cue of rejection. at the climax of the spore being released, we move on to stage 2: Stage 2: (Minigame) Spore Departure this is when the player finds out that the mouse only moves the camera around the spore player, and would have to find out that WSAD is now enabled threw the feeling that nothing is happening with the mouse only but time is counting up. (yes we have numbers but its the only text I promise) When the player presses WSAD this is when we can move the spore down avoiding any dust that might be in its way till we hit the floor. Stage 3: (Minigame) Fungal Cell takeOver This would convert our 3D view of the world to a 2D platformer giving a sense that we are inside an ant taking over its body by collecting "Anchor point" to root ourselves inside the ant, fully controlling it for stage 4. in this minigame your goal is to pass the platformer as fast as possible and collect all "Anchor points", Depending on you score this will determine how much control you have over the ant. level completion time is for speed. and anchors are a percentage of max count this will determine how much fightback the ant will give you, stopping you in your tracks. Stage 4: (mini-game) Leaving the Colony: It is at this stage where you will have to literally drag the ant out of the safety of its colony with your mouse, by clicking and dragging it to where you want to go. stage 5 is a similar control system. This is where you will have to leave the colony as fast as possible without being detected that you are infected. you do this by behaving just like an ant. using the controls you have to stop and go as needed as many ants will sniff you out. Stage 5: (Minigame) Finding your Root: At this stage, you will use your senses (via directional audio and Hud UI indicators) to find the ideal conditions to complete your life cycle. These conditions include the right Temperature, humidity, elevation, the north side of the plant, as well as under a leaf while being over your colonies Ant trail to repeat your cycle as a parasite.
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words
The Number 23
Creature Feature
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Affinity designer 2.0 and 1.0, and blender

from discord:

SilverWyzardess#2860 - contributed SFX

velastiqui#9433 - contributed 3D Modeling

Dominique Charpentier#6659 - contributed Music and sound effects

the environment assets and models were from Synty Studios

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Third Person