CyberRoot 7022 - The Year of the CyberRabbit from the Moon

Year 7022 AD. The Earth is fully inhabitated, buildings are everywhere, the surface is totally wired by thick, ultra-wide, huge fibre cables. Finally! Evil Grandma is the only human against high speed internet and progress. To stop the growth of civilization she conjured the Obscure Spirits of the Underground, becoming one with the Roots of All Evil. Sensing the incoming danger, the Council of Highspeed Torrent Downloads gathered to summon you, the CyberRabbit from the Moon. Diving from the Earth's favourite satellite, you'll reach the Earth fighting the Evil Roots, with your only friend: the EBFG. Will you make it? Yes. (There is no Lose Condition) The best game ever made during a Global Game Jam in the last 50 minutes before the upload. 47 hours playing games, 1h developing. That's our secret.
Jam year: 
Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Sharing is caring (Sponsored by GitHub)
Year of the Rabbit
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Team Sbarazziny
Our motto, on repeat every 4 hours: "Let's make a game this time!" - everyone laugh and leaves
From left to right

Michele Ribechini  - Game Design, Sound Performer, Jammer impersonator
laria Baldassari - Concept Artist, Root 2d projector
Michele Lanzo - Game Design, Lore crafter
Andrea Cianfanelli - Assistant Programmer, Rotation Expert
Giacomo Guccinelli - Concept Artist, Tegame Illustrato
Nicolò Renzoni - Programmer, Useless prototype creator

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