Culture Cue

Culture Cue is a Tabletop Game where the goal is for players to have all their tokens reach Generational Enlightenment! Culture Cue has players sharing Cultural Experiences as they play in order to get ahead of other players and reach Generational Enlightenment faster! Players: 2-4 Ages: 8+
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No Shortcuts
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Photoshop, Figma, and good ol' fashioned pen+paper were used in the creation of Culture Cue!
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Culture Cue is included in the attached Executable Zip File below as Print and Play material. Game Instructions included in the file detail the rules of Culture Cue and how the Game Cards work. The only other game piece needed is a 6-sided Die or an app that can roll a 6-sided Die!


Design Team - JAGs (Just Average Gamemakers): Lisa Poon and Paul Quinones

Playtesters: Simon Poon, Tracy Poon, Michael Valentine, Carmen Quinones

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