Cult the Root

Use different traps to capture and maim paladins, villagers and possibly other creatures that are visiting nearby "holy" tree. But remember that they have to be alive so this tree can absorb their life force through its roots. Buy and upgrade traps in middle level and use lever operated by Cultist Kronk that can be found on the first level. But remember that THE Tree dont like its food cold so take care not to kill sacrifices. Damage them just enough so they wont put up a fight. If they will fall undamaged then some cultists will die and tree will wither with no worshippers (GameOver).
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Plastic SCM for version controll, ZBrush and Blender for art.

Łukasz Zakrzewski
Karol Marszalik
Dawid Piskorski

​Other credits:
Ui sprites are made by Kenny with License (CC0) (source
Part of sound effects and audio are made by Kenny with License (CC0) (source
Chicken model made by Čestmír Dammer with License: CC0 (source OpenGameArt)
Crystals model made by rubberduck with License: CC0 (source OpenGameArt)
Part of foliage models are made by yughues with License: CC0 (source OpenGameArt)

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