Cross Roots

Get ready for a simple relaxing journey with your partner. You two are another roots of this game, your main objective is to have the most branches and win through your journey. You may attack if your branch is directly looking to your partner's branch to cut it and have a longer root. You may block your partner from growing longer branches. You may reach your partner's main root and destroy it. These are all ways to earn a score, the best of three "completes" the journey. We developed this game as a journey puzzle, we don't see any winner in a path-destroying situation. We also left some messages through the game, you'll see them when situations appear. Also some notes: You can't destroy a branch when both of you face directly each other. Roots can have three and branches can have two branches at most. If the game seems to have a dead-end, the "system" intervenes and drops "bombs" to that tile, if more than two dead-ends appear in the same zone, that bomb goes off.
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Couch Potato
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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GitHub, Unity (any product)

Eren Erdoğan (Game Developer & Designer)
Cihan Çoban (Game Developer & Designer)

Special Thanks to Asena Gürbüz (2D Game Artist), and all on-site jammers who tested and provided feedback to us.

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