cow boy

Game idea: Learning by playing is an activity that modifies and improves children's behavior by improving the environment and helps in developing the child's mental abilities. God willing, there will be a development of the game in terms of the stages of the game in the origin of the development of mathematical intelligence around the child in mathematical equations and calculations. But due to time constraints, we did not complete the mathematical stages and equations, which is our basic idea. Objectives of the game: Aiming to see 2030 To preserve the environment and healthy growth of plants The discovery strategy Where it works to develop the child's ability and skills and train him to discover himself by focusing on the game 2- Determine the information, skills and attitudes that the teacher wants to impart to the students. 3- Determine the patterns of behavior practiced by students as evidence of achieving goals. 4- Learning through play contributes to the development of exploration and curiosity. Including determining educational outcomes: Cognitive objectives: development of mental processes, exploration, innovation, development of thinking. Social goals: communication with others, learning the laws and regulations of society, providing situations for the learner. Skill objectives: speed and accuracy, linking the concrete to the abstract, solving problems.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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