Chindom Come

This chinetic adventure takes us back to the wondrous age of aristocratic beauty. And in the center of it all lies the sacrosanct status symbol that is the Habsburg Chin. Will you be able to marry off your highborn descendants into wealth and beauty, or will your nepotistic greed for an empire lead you to the one trait that will put your dynasty into the history books forever: the ultimate chin. How to play: With your mouse, click on your offspring to match them with a suitable admirer. Depending on your health, you might not produce much offspring so not all of your various genetics might reappear in your children. How many suitors will be presented to your children depends on their overall looks and riches. Yet the ultimate goal of the game is to produce the most impressive chin there has ever been and take your place in history as the chinniest monarch ever to exist.
Jam year: 
Representation Matters
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)


Benjamin Andermatt

Johannes Kiesbauer

Julia Bohren

Philipp Schürch

Rosina Brosi

Stefan Marty


Special thanks to:

Charles II, El Hechizado, of Spain and his chin

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