Roots to Ashes

Multiplayer game where you cut roots, and push them together into a fire to keep it alive. If the fire extinguishes, you lose.
Jam year: 
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Slava Ukraini
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Start "burning-roots-ggj2023.exe"

Controller Only

  • One Controller equals Two Players.
    • Left Side: Player Left
    • Right Side: Player Right


  • Join Player
    • Left Player: D-Pad Up
    • Right Player: Button North
  • Cut
    • Left Player: D-Pad Down
    • Right Player: Button South



Boris Obodda
- Numbers, Balancing & Testing

Dennis Düblin
- Programming (Multiplayer, Movement, Inputs)

Dzhulieta Horbachenko
- Art, Menu Screen

Mattia Metry
- Programming (Cutting, Camera, Fire)

Timon Sager
- 3D Modeling of Beehicles, Title Image

Music by Stefan Sager

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