Super Mario Bros 2 inspired brawler. Two players fight against each other by using root vegetables that they pull from the soil. Each player can be hit 3 times by the enemy until losing. But be careful not to fall from platforms because you will instantly die. To pick up an already thrown object you need to jump on it to take it. There are 3 arenas in the game. When you start the match the arena is chosen randomly. To pull out vegetable stand on leaves and press down/S. Controls: P1 - A/D(Walking) W(Jumping) S(Pulling vegetables) P2 - left/right(Walking) up(Jumping) down(Pulling vegetables)
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip compressed file, open folder 1.0, double click on Brootal.exe, enjoy.


Music downloded from Asset Store (8Bit Music - 062022 by GWriterStudio)

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