Blame The Beavers

In the nearest future... From day to day, the forester protected the forest from various pests, one of the most annoying animals were beavers, as they built dams and destroyed trees. One day, the beavers got tired of being exterminated and the smartest of them offered to develop their civilization and soon attack people in order to take revenge on people. After a while, they created a flying ship, which they called the ''Bobrolet 2000'', gathered up the roots, as ammunition, and decided to attack the nearest city. They succeeded, and now they got to the hut of the forester, who will not tolerate their actions ...
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, GitHub, Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

No need to install. Just run "Blame The Beavers.exe"

Goal of the game: not to die until score is 4000 or kill beaver`s ship 

A/D - Move Left/Right

Space - Jump

Left Click - Interact with object

Right click - Throw the axe


Podobriy Vladyslav - Programming

Oleksandr Volynets - Programming

Danylo Poliushko - Programming

Mykhailo Hnatiuk - 2D Art

Nadiia Podobriy - Music

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Point & Click