Behind The Figure

The story begins when "Reema " is diagnosed with unknown genetic disease that stand in the way of her Saud suggests to notice her symptoms and start searching in her family's roots for the person who has the same symptoms , which might help her find a clear diagnosis therefore medication.there are some symptoms that can be used as a hints , like Unbalance movement,shaking hands,Muscle stress and fatigue,Reema decides to go through this journey searching about the origin of her disease among the roots of her family, Non-playable characters are (Mohammad bin salem the grandfather ,Saad her uncle , Khalid , Nora , Sara), and on the way to achieve this goal, she visits her grandfather's abandoned home that filled with things left behind, exploring the secrets and facts in their old items , medical transcripts, then she will discover things that are beyond her inherited disease,It's a RPG type of a game , player Reema achieves different endings , when she gets into room 1 which represents level 1 her own motive is curiosity-Based so if she gets to know all the information about family history she will navigate to the 2nd room and have more time ! The time factor is a major factor for her , this only achieved in case of winning , in case of losing. Basically she missed out the ‘ Guess what is the disease ‘ Questions therefore losing time , returning again to her start point .. what a disappointment huh ?
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The Great Outdoors
Is This The End?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad
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SDL, Unity (any product)
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Blender,Canva,dribble,adobe photshop,pintrest,picsart and flaticon.

Reema Alolayan 

Sadeem Alsubaie

Aljazzie bin khozaim

Shaden Alharbi

Rahaf Alsaber

Wafa Altalaa

Shaikha Aldrees

Rana Aljohani

Joud Alhagbani

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