Using the civilization-toppling forces of time, math, and (most powerful of all) rhythm, a beetroot goes to save his family from a terrible wizard. Hello, and thank you for checking out BeatRoot! BeatRoot is an arcade rhythm game with a platformer element to give it that extra spice. Take on the heroic role of saving your Beetroot family from a terrible Carrot Wizard and hit those arrow keys in time to a funky rhythm. Be careful, because the Carrot Wizard has an array of spells he'll throw to try and knock you off your rhythm. But what he doesn't know is that you, Beethaniel, have the most powerful tool of all in your arsenal...MATH!!!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Adobe After Effects, Asesprite, Beepbox
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1. Download

2. Extract to destination

3. Navigate to BeatRoot_Final > BeatRoot_v001.exe

4. Double-click the .exe file and enjoy!



- Navigate menus with mouse

- Press the left, right, and down arrow keys in time to the rhythm

- Press spacebar to jump and avoid wizard spells

- Keep an eye on your health bar in the middle

- Try again and again for the best score possible!


- Dry Ramen Studios


Adam Guest - Level Designer, Pixel Art Assistant, Animation Assistant

[email protected]


Blu Richardson - Concept Art Lead, Character Designer

[email protected]


Cole Augustine - Project Manager, Asset Integration, General Assistant

[email protected]


Harrison Steppe- Pixel Art Lead, UI Artist, Animation Lead, Music Co-Creator

[email protected]


Marvin Duroseau - Polished Art Lead, Programming Assistant

[email protected] 


Sunny Mills - Co-Project Manager, Programming Leads, Music Co-Creator

[email protected]


Programs used: Clip Studio Paint, Unity, Krita, Adobe After Effects, Asesprite, Beepbox


Tutorials Followed: 


Rhythm Game Foundations by gamesplusjames


Background Parallax by Dani 


Main Menu by BMo 


Thanks to Global Game Jam, our professors, and lastly to you the player!


Dry Ramen Studios

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Side Scroller