The Backrooms: Rootin' out the fun!

"Welcome to the Backrooms, a seemingly endless labyrinth of sterile white rooms and flickering fluorescent lights. What once seemed like a harmless glitch in the fabric of reality has now become a nightmare. You play as a lone survivor, lost in the maze and hunted by a monster of roots that seems to be closing in on you with every step you take. The creature was born from the twisted mind of a hacker who delved too deep into the mysteries of the Backrooms. Now, it stalks the maze, devouring anything that crosses its path. And you, unwary traveler, have become its next target. As you navigate the sterile halls, memories of how you got here start to surface. You recall a reckless act of curiosity, exploring the deepest recesses of the internet. But instead of finding answers, you stumbled upon the entrance to the Backrooms and were pulled into this endless labyrinth. With the monster always lurking just around the corner, you must use all your wits and agility to evade capture. Every turn could be your last, and every door could lead to either salvation or destruction. But one thing is for certain: the roots of terror run deep in the Backrooms, and only by facing your fears and outwitting the monster can you hope to find a way back home.
Jam year: 
No Shortcuts
An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words
The Great Outdoors
MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Custom Vulkan base PBR game engine written by ourselves. Uses Blender with custom Python export script as level/asset editor
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