And Back Again

BEWARE, IT IS A BOARD GAME! Solo and duel. // Imagine the distance that Frodo and Sam covered in “The Lord of the Rings.” They rode, sailed, and walked for around 1800 miles which translates to nearly 3000 km… That is an extremely massive distance. So imagine that – Frodo and Sam had to make that, albeit a shorter route, one more time on their way back! This is where the main story plot of the ringer bearer ends, but the story lingers on. In book VI, Frodo, Sam, and the remaining members of the Fellowship of the Ring pay their respects to late king Theoden in Edoras, travel to Isengard, Rivendell, meet Saruman on the way, just to reach the Shire in the state of disarray. And they have to live through another adventure, the main story of the Lord of the Rings to many a reader. They have to struggle to save their homeland without the supernatural, to save their own souls from omnipresent despair and hatred. // This game gives you an opportunity to take your own path from Minas Tirith and reach the Shire at your own pace. Just do not linger on the road for too long lest Saruman’s forces overtake the Shire. // // “And Back Again” was prepared during AUM Global Game Jam 2023, by Mikolaj Sobocinski. // It is a tribute to marvelous worlds created for us by J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. DIVERSIFIERS: - No Shortcuts: Create the game without using ready -made engines and libraries dedicated to creating games. - Just PowerPoint, Word, and human ingenuity! - A Friend In Need: Implement a character that aids you in your goal in the game. - You control two characters, Sam and Frodo. Although it is possible to win the game with Frodo alone, it's really Sam that does all the heavy-weight lifting. It's always Sam. - Creature Feature: Create a game that is played through the eyes of any non-human creature. - Sam and Frodo are hobbits. Gandalf is an Istari/Maiar, Gimli a dwarf, Legolas an elf. Orcs are orcs. 
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No Shortcuts
A Friend In Need
Creature Feature
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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It is a print-and-play board game that requires print-and-play cards, and a few additional pawns/tokens.
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Download the pdf file with the game elements. Print them, and cut out the board, the cards, and the tokens. Prepare tokens/pawns that will represent (1) Frodo and Sam, (2) Gandalf, (3) Gimli, (4) Legolas, and (5) enemies -- you will need at least 3 pieces for the enemies.


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