Age of Arboria

Arboria is a world where humanity's reckless actions have resulted in the rise of the plants and beasts. The remnants of civilization are now overrun by sentient plants, while the remaining humans are forced to roam as hunter-gatherers. The world is a dangerous and unforgiving place, where mutated animals seek to establish dominance over all living things. Players in the game create characters by selecting from various plant species and distributing their core stats. After each session, players earn experience points, which they can use to level up and improve their characters' abilities. However, the journey to becoming a more powerful being is not without its risks. If a player's character's sap falls to zero, they lose their sentience and become just another ordinary plant. Throughout the game, players must navigate the dangers of this twisted world and try to outwit their opponents and become explore the lands around them, all while facing the constant threat of losing their hard-earned progress and falling back to the bottom.
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New Friends Along the Way
The Number 23
Creature Feature
Is This The End?
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Google Docs, Google Sheets, Affinity Suite
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Inside the zip is two PDFs 

AgeOfArboria.png is the rulebook for the game. 

ArboriaSheet.pdf is the character sheet. You will need to print one of these for each player in your game.


Isaac “Mewbusi” B.

Aaron “Tomrel” Gresham

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