Ace of Blades

Playing cards come to life in this Vampire Survivors-inspired, action-solitaire game. Attack other cards with katanas, spears, magic wands and boxing gloves; match to defeated cards with Golf Solitiare rules to assume their suit and value, and gain their powers. In the center of the field are four stock piles of cards that can be matched to; win the game by getting to the roots of all four stock piles. Arrow keys/D-pad: Move Z key/Bottom controller button: Attack. X Key/Left controller button: Dash/backstep, if the ability has been acquired from a fallen card. A Key/Right controller button: Play a card from a defeated enemy or a stock pile to level up and gain new abilities. The card value must be one above or below, and red suits match to black. S Key/Top controller button: Pause and view the upgrade map.
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Game engine was built in C, with DirectX 12 on Windows and WebGL for web. The game for this jam itself is programmed in C, and compiles to WebAssembly to be used in the browser. The game is playable on mobile devices via the web link, though it might be hard to read the card values.
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Just run gng.exe, or use the web link.


Design, art, and programming by Erik Buchholz.

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