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The site will be open until 8:00PM on Friday & from 9:00AM Saturday & Sunday
Event Start Date: 
Friday, January 28, 2022 - 4:00pm
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::: FRIDAY :::
4PM: Meet your team
Join your new team for a understand your skills session. Establish group roles & elect a team leader and marketing manager.
4PM: Industry Talks
Talks from members of the games industry about their journey so far. (Mentors TBC)

5PM: Keynote Speaker & GGJ Introduction.
Keynote speaker talk and find out this years theme.
6PM: Idea Sessions
Team breakout and brain storming ideas session.
7PM: Idea Feedback & Planning
Discuss Ideas with mentors and plan your roles, jobs and dependecies.
8PM: Build & Develop
Go, Go, Go...

::: SATURDAY :::
9AM: Team Feedback
Team leaders feed back progress to mentors and establish days goals.
10AM: Game Registration
Marketing Manager registers game on GGJ site. Creates marketing materials for display on site.
11AM - 5PM: Game Development
Go, Go, Go... Again.

::: SUNDAY :::
9AM: Game Development
Final touches to get games ready for play testing.
10AM: Playtesting & Feedback
Games play tested and peer feedback given.
12PM: Game Development & Crunch Time
All groups full spead towards the deadline.
3PM: Game Upload
Marketing Manager uploads both executable and source files to GGJ site and checks the page is set up correctly.
4PM: Game Presentations
Present games to mentors and rest of the GGJ.


Who can participate in the Jam?
College Students only from the 3D Modelling & Games Design course & the Animation & Concept Art Course.

Are you open 24 hours?
No we are not open for the whole time. Facilities are available from 4PM (GMT) - 10PM(GMT) on the Friday. 9AM(GMT) - 5PM(GMT)  Sat & Sun. Dev can continue after this time through remove development.

Can I choose my own group?
No, after registering you will declare your skill set and be placed within a group according to your needs. This will help you gain valuable experience of working as part of a team.

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Mudbox
Who Can Participate: 
College Students Only
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
This site is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets
This site has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas
This site is alcohol free / has alcohol free spaces
This site has 24 hour security
This site has easily accessible public transport
This site has mentors
This is a non smoking site
This site provides loan equipment/computers