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This is an online/virtual only site.
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Online/Virtual Only
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Open for entire 10 days
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Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 12:00pm
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Jam Site Description: 

* All timing is EST. If you just join us, please join the Discord server for updates and connect with other jammers.*

Join The Playcrafting Global Game Jam Site:

We are excited to announce our 2022 Global Game Jam (GGJ) site! If you’re not familiar with GGJ, it is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the globe, typically at physical locations. Playcrafting has been a site organizer since 2016.

Our site has been the biggest in the United States and the second-largest for 4 years! Last year, we had more than 400 jammers join us virtually.

All games will have the same theme, which was announced officially by Global Game Jam. This year's theme is... duality!

Playcrafting’s Global Game Jam Online Venue:

Our main virtual hub is Playcrafting’s Discord server. Join the server! You can use out GGJ chat rooms to connect, learn or find people looking for a team.

The kickoff and closing events will be on Playcrafting’s Twitch channel.

The workshop series will be featured on Playcrafting’s YouTube channel.

Our Sponsors:

Game Jam Registration:

This event is free, but you must register on the GGJ site to be a part of the festivities!

Each participant will need to create a profile with your full name, contact information (please include your Discord handle), and skills.

We have a team size limit of 5 for prize purposes


This year, our site is operating from Thursday, January 27th through Sunday, January 30th, 2022.

You’re welcome to begin working on your game once Global Game Jam reveals the theme on January 20th.

Our Playcrafting team and content specific to our site will be concentrated to the 27th-30th. The detailed schedule is as below.

Thursday, January 27th | Jam Day 1

6 PM ET Kickoff stream and announce the theme on Playcrafting’s Twitch - then right after we are heading to Discord for a live brainstorm game brainstorm session with industry vet Kevin Harper at 7pm!

Friday, January 28th | Jam Day 2

Jam day! Build away!

Saturday, January 29th | Jam Day 3

Jam day! Build away!

Sunday, January 30th | Last day of GGJ 2022

All teams must be registered and projects must be submitted by 5 PM EST. Full instructions on how to upload.

Thursday, February 3rd | Closing Celebration Stream

6 PM EST Closing stream and winners announcement on Playcrafting’s Twitch.

Project Submission:

All projects must be submitted to the GGJ website by 5 PM ET on Sunday, January 30th, 2022 in order to be considered for prizes. Click here for full instructions on uploading your project.


All workshops and talks are available for viewing now on Playcrafting's YouTube channel! The workshop and talk titles are listed below:

Code of Conduct:

This is an inclusive site – people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join. You do not need to be an active game developer to participate. Many game developers will be in attendance, too!

In the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe environment at all of our events, our Code of Conduct will be enforced.

The Judges:

  • Brian Crecente - VG consultant, Kotaku founder, Polygon co-founder
  • Cody Corona - TBD
  • Krysti Pryde - Game Dev + Games Influencer
  • Sam Barlow - Game Director, Owner, Half Mermaid Studio
  • Max Zhou - Business Development, Tencent
  • Masao Kobayashi - Co-founder & Producer, Cut to Bits Studio
  • Gary Conti - Rockstar Games
  • Josh Schmidt - Beamable 
  • Curtis Cavallucci - Rockstar Games


  • $1000 prize to game that best implements Beamable
  • $1000 prize to best game built with Unreal Engine
  • Global Game Jam Poster - The Original Art!
  • Game Codes + Swag from Rockstar Games
  • Game Codes from Eidos Montreal / Square Enix
  • (3) Mentorship Sessions with Rockstar Games Developers
  • Call of Duty Vanguard Codes
  • Discord Nitro Codes + Swag
  • Discord prizes, including nitro server boosts!

Adapting For The Virtual Setting:

The opening and closing events will take place on Twitch.

The workshops and talks will be available on YouTube.

Discord will be our main channel of communications.

Jammers can sign up with their own teams. If you don't have teammates, join our Discord to find some!



Global Game Jam poster illustrated by the talented Sam Moore / Ugly Ink! Check out their Instagram + Etsy. Thank you Sam!



Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only

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