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Friday, January 28, 2022 - 6:00pm
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HypeHype x Global Game Jam

January 28th-30th

Hello all game makers and creators.

HypeHype is participating in the Global Game Jam, a yearly event that aims to bring people together to create games at jam sites around the world. 

This January 28-30, it’s going to be 48 hours of live streams, game making workshops and of course game jamming with the community. 

Join the Jam and make your dream game on phone, tablet or PC. We will help you succeed in creating your 1st HypeHype game!

How to Join? (Rules)

Make your game with HypeHype

-- Download HypeHype www.hypehype.com
-- Start creating your game on Friday January 28th at 6pm EET
⏰ Post your game before Sunday January 30th at 3pm EET

Use the Jam theme & hashtag

❓ Theme will be revealed at the start of the Jam
✨ Optional diversifiers will be available
#️⃣ Use #GGJ22 in the description of your game when posting
-- Submission must follow HypeHype Community Guidelines

To participate in the Global Game Jam

-- Register on the Global Game Jam Site no later than Saturday January 29th at 12pm noon EET
-- Upload (share) your game to the GGJ site by Sunday January 30th at 3pm EET
-- More info on GGJ requirements: GGJ Becoming A Jammer FAQ 

Join the Discord (Get Help)

The HypeHype Discord Server will be the hub for communication during the Global Game Jam.

Join the Discord to get help and discuss your Jam project with other Jammers, as well as other HypeHype creators and developers.

Live Streaming

We’ll be streaming live, creating games and helping all creators realize their jam goals and dreams during all Jam days. Streams will include workshops from HypeHype developers and community creators sharing their knowledge on creating great games.

Livestream Pre-show starts at 5pm EET Friday, January 28th

WATCH RECORDING: Announcement Livestream (January 20th)

5pm EET - GGJ Pre-show, introduction to the HypeHype Editor & Remixing
6pm EET - Official start of the Jam, GGJ Keynote & Brainstorming Session
7pm EET - Game Creation Workshop #1

Follow HypeHype at YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and TikTok to watch Livestreams

Prizes & Swag

All Jam participants are automatically entered into a raffle for exclusive HypeHype swag.

As Global Game Jam is a collaborative event more than a competition, there will not be prizes for this game jam.

Participants located in Finland who also register for any Finnish Game Jam site by Friday January 20th may also receive a swag package from the FGJ organizers. HypeHype Inc. is located in Finland and our Game Jam Site is also included in the Finnish Game Jam (FGJ). 

What is Global Game Jam?

The goal of Global Game Jam is to bring people together to create video games or non-digital games, like board or card games. Participants, also known as jammers, work together to rapidly prototype game designs and hopefully create inspiring new ideas that contribute to the growth of the games industry. 

All Global Game Jam sites share a common theme and jam diversifiers - sub-themes that provide additional, but optional, structure to jammers. We ask participants to create an original game inspired by the jam’s theme within 48 hours. The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small, but innovative and experimental games. 

Please note: Global Game Jam is not a competition.

Global Game Jam FAQ

What is HypeHype?

HypeHype is a new revolutionary app to CREATE, REMIX and PLAY games on your phone, tablet or PC.

Create 100x faster and make your 1st game today with an editor that requires no coding. In addition, swipe to discover and play an endless number of games, instantly and without waiting.

Our mission is to empower everyone to become a game creator through simple, fun and free tools on mobile devices. HypeHype is designed together with the community of developers, makers, designers, artists and content creators.

Jump into HypeHype x Global Game Jam, become a game maker and Jammer and shape the future of gaming with us!

Get access and download the app at hypehype.com!

Watch the trailer at YouTube

HypeHype FAQ

HypeHype Community Guidelines

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Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
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18+ only

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