Crayta - Global Game Jam, $50,000 Prize Pool

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Online/Virtual Only
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Open for full 10 Days!
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Thursday, January 20, 2022 - 12:00am
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Welcome to the Crayta Game Jam for GGJ

$50,000 available in Prizes!

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join, but all entries must be made in Crayta!

This Jam will consist of teams and creators who will create for the Global Game Jam using the Crayta platform, free and available to use on Epic Games Store and Stadia!



Prizes Available!

1st Place - $10,000

2nd Place - $8,000

3rd Place - $5,000

We then have up to 8 Special Awards of $3,000

  • The Theme Award - Best Interpretation of the Theme, using 'Duality' in the most inventive way possible
  • The Strength and Sorcery Award - A creation that perfectly captures the spirit of our latest season in Crayta!
  • The Aesthetic Award - Most beautiful creation to look at, and can’t stop looking at.
  • The Coding Award - Most impressive coding ability, we’re blown away by what you’ve achieved
  • The Puzzling Award - The creation that has the best inclusion of puzzle mechanics of any type
  • The Small and Polished Award - A game that may not be the biggest, but is detailed, finished, and works perfectly.
  • The UI Award - Best UI in a creation; intuitive, helpful and polishing the experience of the creation
  • The User Experience Award - A game that has an enjoyable first user experience; tutorials, game mechanics well explained and flow makes sense.

We also have up to 6 honourable mentions of $500


Stream Times

  • 25th January, 7pm - 9pm GMT
  • 26th January, 7pm - 9pm GMT


To Submit Your Entry

Step 1 - Create an account on GGJ, and then come back here and click "Join this Jam".

Step 2 - Make sure your creation in Crayta is published! 

Step 3 - Create a game project on this page to start submitting your entry! Make sure to include a direct link to your creation in Crayta. This can be found in-game, or on the companion site ( Please include all the creators who collaborated, and any forum links, screenshots you wish to add!

Step 4 - YOU DID IT! Make sure get this all done before Midnight GMT on the 30th January! We hope to announce winners in the first couple weeks of February! More info soon!

TIP: Do steps 1 and 2 a few days before the Deadline to avoid any website traffic, or problems on the day to ensure you're submitted on time!


About Crayta

A collaborative game development platform, we offer the ability to create  at any level; whether you want to build from a template and add meshes with no code experience, or build from scratch, and code using LUA a full experience or game. 

Build in the same instance in real time, collaborating with up to 20 people at once. 

Join our Discord ( to meet other creators, players and become part of the Community. Use this platform to discuss your plans and join teams. The dev team are also available here for all your questions!


Disclaimer: This site is purely for creation of entries created in Crayta. Our community is extremely helpful, so please join Discord if you have any questions! If you wish to create outside Crayta, we highly recommend GameDev London for you to enter GGJ.

Happy Jamming, Everyone!

The Crayta Team

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Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
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18+ only

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