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5pm-11pm, 8am-11pm, 9am-6pm
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Friday, January 21, 2022 - 5:00pm
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Are you a creative games designer, artist, programmer or audio designer up for a challenge? If so, come and be part of the Global Game Jam. You will have the weekend to conceive and build a game.

Join up with countries all over the world in a 48-hour mad dash to create something!

Doors will be open from 4pm on Friday evening for everyone to meet. The themes will be announced by Global Game Jam so that the fun can begin and ending at 5pm on Sunday.

Do not come to the Jam with a team (this is GGJ policy!). Everyone will have some time to think and pitch an idea. Use this as a chance to collaborate with new friends or peers you don't know.

It doesn’t matter what tech/tools you use to develop your projects - GameMaker, Unity, Unreal, HTML5, Cardboard and cutlery, you can use whatever you want... and any type of game (including non-digital games like board, party, card games etc).

Participants will need to bring your own equipment - we will have free WiFi and ethernet connections if needed. This year however, there are a limited number of PCs available to use throughout the weekend.

Games will be submitted to the Global Game Jam website on Sunday before the 3pm deadline. Teams will then have the opportunity to present their game to everyone.

Taking part

This year, due to Coronavirus restrictions in Wales, we are running a Hybrid event with participants being given the option to take part remotely via Discord or in-person on site, where we will be limited to 30 people.

For those taking part on site - there is a fee of £12 to take part

We do have to cover our staffing and running costs for the weekend. However, the ticket price grants access to Levels 2 and 3 of The Arcade Vaults and includes free teas and coffees, plus access to a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave. There will also be a lot of pizza available to all on the Friday night, plus a selection of pastries throughout the weekend! We're located right in the City Centre so you will have access to plenty of other food options for the entire jam.

Note that this will not be a 24 hour site - access will be limited to 8/9am at the earliest and around 10/11pm at the latest. If you are coming in from outside of Cardiff there are lots of places to stay nearby.

For those taking part remotely - we will not be charging people to join. However, GGJ is normally a big event for us, so the restrictions do have a large impact on our income for the weekend. As such, we are asking if people would consider leaving us a tip at Ko-fi or joining our Patreon.

Tickets are still needed for those taking part remotely - please head to the link to grab one.

We will ask jammers to register and join the GGJ site separately on the day - getting a ticket will register your details with us so we know you are attending.

About The Arcade Vaults

The Arcade Vaults, is an unique venue and community in the centre of Cardiff for all things videogaming. Founded in 2016 as an events company, they've gone on to support anyone who makes games, plays games both old and new, wants to learn about games, or would just like to engage with the community in this amazing world of games.

At the heart of The Arcade Vaults and its community are the players and the creators. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play videogames and even more so, anyone should be able to make them and understand how they are made.

About University Of South Wales

With more than 30,000 students the University of South Wales (USW) is a major player in UK higher education - one of the UK's ten biggest campus universities by student number. With campuses in Cardiff, Pontypridd and Newport, the University is renowned for its partnerships with major employers. There are a vibrant set of Games courses and cognisant disciplines available to study in Cardiff. USW is also the South Wales Hub for the UK Games Fund Tranzfuser programme.

About Games Wales

Games Wales is a voluntary organisation made up of people from within the games industry in Wales. Our mission is to champion and promote games-making in Wales, to support the industry here, and to make sure everyone keeps talking to each other. Games Wales holds monthly meetups, a quarterly lecture series, an annual conference and sporadic game jams.

Food Options: 
Meals provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
7 PCs + Software, Vive VR, Printer/Scanner, Keyboards/Mice/Screens
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18+ only

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