Work to Die

The work pressure of modern people is huge, and the news of sudden death at work has greatly increased. If you work until you die, what should you do to take revenge on the boss? Go out of your body and use your soul to take revenge on the boss! This is a platform decryption game that combines platform jumping and maze. Life and death are two opposite states, from the state of death to whether there will be a soul after death, then we have designed a state of out-of-body soul triggered by non-stop work. The protagonist is only out of the body, not a real death, so his soul can return to the body. Then the protagonist has two states at this time, one is our normal physical state, in which we can touch objects and physical switches, but cannot pass through walls and float; Not only can it pass through walls and float, but it can also use superpowers to turn on some special switches. Taking advantage of the characteristics of these two states, we add different mechanisms to the map, such as switches that can only be touched by the body, walls and pipes that can only be passed through by the soul. Using these characteristics and switches, we can create a variety of labyrinth decryption games. , just like the Zelda series of games. And we also let the organs of some levels connect with each other, and the organs unlocked in the previous level can be linked to the next level. Do decrypt in different ways. Operation method: use the keyboard left and right to control the character to move left and right, jump in the space, press E to get out of the body, press F to interact
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)

策划、程序:钟晓蕾(队长)  美术:钟泽铭

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