The Wisdom of Clouds

Hi. You're Cloudy, a cloud trapped in the desert, trying to get to the ocean. You provide shade when you're calm, but can sacrifice one health to storm up, lashing down rain and lightning. Earn points by shading travelers and raining on farmers, but don't rain on the travelers! Obstacles are drying deserts, high peaks, fireworks shows, and varying wind currents. Merge with other clouds or move over water sources to gain health. Controls are A and D to move around the isometric auto-scrolling level. Hit spacebar to trigger a storm sequence (our "blow on mic to storm" feature did not make it into the build). This game was one of the recipients for the Clever Use of Theme (Duality) Award!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)

Ben C (elbriel) - Programmer, VFX

Brennen T. (Brennen Tembleton)- Composer, Sound Designer

Dave C. (scrybbler) - Writer, Designer, 2D Art & Audio

DJ Aloe (DJAloe)- Lead Programmer

Eriane A.(enair3) - Character, Environment, Animation, & Menu Art

Shannon R. (shannonymous) - Programmer

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