Virtual & Real Era

Move methods:WASD There are a large number of blue light substances in the era, each with different effects. The absorption of consciousness can slow down the diffusion speed of the magic sea, and it exists within 2 minutes after the opening of the era The absorption of virtual particles will accelerate the diffusion speed of the magic sea. When the number of particles in the era boundary is sufficient, it will also accelerate the diffusion speed of the magic sea. The absorption of consciousness strain will shape the era, repel the spread range of the magic sea, and exist within 2 minutes after the era The illusory core, when it exists, causes a small amount of pollution to the surrounding area, and the soberness decreases after the era people get close to it Once left tools for the sober era Light guide stone: visible within 5 units around Central Yuanshen: there is a certain probability to identify the type of blue light substance Telencephalon: understand your position and general topographic structure in the era Fluid supplement: restore 30 points of consciousness Virtual tree: it can purify virtual particles and virtual cores and make them ineffective Press the F key to absorb / realize object interaction Press the E key to achieve target purification
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Build Your Own Multi-verse
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