The Untold Tale of Boomer

2d melee combat score based game! If you have a great imagination you can imagine a wonderful world even if your real world is very cruel! Boomer has that wonderful imagination! he can live in the Dragonball Z world even if he is not a character from the Dragonball series! but you can say that: Imagination is always a blessing! you can move using WASD or using Arrows you can fight in a melee combat style using the right mouse click you can also create a large dome to affect many enemies using the Space bar Last and not least, You can charge your power using left mouse click
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Created by: Omar Alkaley (Cell)
All music and sound effects are from the Dragonball series!
This is just a fan-game, This is not a game from Bandai Namco or Akira Toriyama productions

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