Trading with Werewolves

A happy game about cupcakes, pizzas, chocolate bars and chicken wings. What could possibly go wrong? Your goal: GET FILTHY RICH (by trading smartly). Use arrows (or gamepad left stick) to move and climb ladders (with UP you grab a ladder - on a ladder your can move in any direction). Use space (or gamepad A) to jump. Use X (or gamepad X) to talk to people / make trades. Oh, and try to survive for 3 days... You can eliminate enemies by jumping on their heads. :-) NOTE: if you manage to survive for 3 days, and you want to see your score: make sure that you're not still trading when the countdown is up. (This is a bug in the current version...)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Technology Notes: 
Made in a custom engine built with Bridge.Net. Level editor: Tiled.
Installation Instructions: 

Run a local web server in the folder where the html.index file is located. (Or just go to


Game design, programming: Paul Bonsma

Creature sprites: made with Kenney's awesome creature mixer:

Other sprites:

Kromagrad & simple 6x8 fonts: by Zingot Games, from OGA /  (CC BY 3.0)

Moon and stars: by Lanea Zimmerman, from OGA (dirt platformer). (CC BY 3.0 / OGA BY 3.0)

Tiles: by PixelFrog, from (pixel adventure). (CC0)

Stairs: by Buch, from OGA (a platformer in the forest) (CC0)

(OGA = )

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Side Scroller