Team4_Transmutation of Stars

The game is played by taking actions against stars and aiming for the goal. The player can destroy the stars in the following ways The player can destroy a transparent star by shining light on it to make it materialize, or by shining light on a materialized star repeatedly. The player can also inflate a small star. The player jumps or walks on the materialized stars to reach the goal. The player controls the action panel at the start of the stage and selects the steps to move. Detailed explanation From the beginning of the stage, depending on how many times you press the "illuminate" button, the effect of the transparent star will change: the first time it materializes for a short time, the second time for a long time, and the third time it is destroyed. On the other hand, a star that has materialized since the beginning of the stage can be destroyed with a single "Illuminate" press. Translated with (free version)
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
Stick Together
Take A Break
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Download the file and run the exe file

  • Planner

toui yamazumi

keisuke nomura

Naoki Ikenaga

  • Programmer

Nagito Nishino

Naoki Ikenaga

  • Designer

Karen Chen

Scilla Raymond-Gazave

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