Stacker.Attacker is a fast-paced combat builder in which you must utilise your building skills to outsmart your opponent and destroy their base before they kill yours! Control resource nodes to upgrade your existing towers, protect them with defense towers, and ruin your opponent with gun towers! Each round you will get production points to build more towers. After each building phase, the player character will retreat to the nearest building. If the building is destroyed by the enemy - you lose. How to play: WASD - character movement MOUSE - camera control E - Press E to cycle through buildings LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - Build selected building RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - Removes the build cycling -------------------------------------------------------------- Resource buildings can only be built on resource nodes. Production and Resources deplete when used but will replenish next round. Existing buildings can be upgraded if you have enough Production, as well as specific resources. To upgrade a building you select the same type of building you want to upgrade, stand next to the building you want to upgrade, and push the left mouse button. Upgraded buildings will have increased stats. Gun tower. Will shoot at towers closest to it. Upgrades will provide health, further range, and more damage. Defense tower. Will attract any damage within its sphere. Thus, any tower in its sphere will be protected even if it is closer to the enemy gun tower. Upgrades will enhance the sphere. Resource tower. Will make resources available to the player. Upgrades will provide the player with more resources. -------------------------------------------------------------- The game was developed as part of the Global game jam 2022, site - Copenhagen GGJam Bunker. -------------------------------------------------------------- Team: Yaniv Guertel Andrew Johnson Daniel Isak Mankjær Kacper Lesniak Jesper Haderup Eiholt
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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