In a world where Iran is enriching uranium, only you, the US government, can hack the Iranian computers and sabotage their centrifuges. Play as Stuxnet, the worlds most advanced computer virus. Navigate a maze of circuits while avoiding anti-virus. Utilize your many zero-day hacks to penetrate firewalls and locate the five access points. Capture them all and you're in! Help prevent nuclear war and protect what matters most: Freedom. (Definitely not related to oil in any way! The government is good and has pure intentions!) Stuxnet, coming to all computers near you.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

UI Designer & 3d Modeler - Braden Hagman
Programmer - Eric Ni
3D Modeler - Eric Sewell
3D Textures - Zoe Peller
Project Lead and Sound Designer - Dan Few

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