Lover's Island

Local singles in your area have come together looking to stoke the flame of love, on Lover's Island. You, the Match Maker, need to find out who are the most compatible with each other and match them together. They like long walks on the beach, and binging The Office season 3. Find the Jim to their Pam. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lovers will give you clues about their desires, and hope to be matched with people with those qualities. Drag them down to Date Island to put their compatibility to the test. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good relationships gain more points than bad relationships. Each lover has a secret bonus trait. When you match two lovers together, their bonus traits are revealed. If their bonus traits match, you get bonus points. Some lovers may have a hidden 'red flag'. Red flags are revealed when matching two lovers. If there is a red flag present, you will lose some of your points. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make as many strong matches as you can within the time limit to get a high score!
Jam year: 
Stick Together
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Starbyte Studios Gamejam Project

Allison Chow, Aleks Stevcic, Andrew Thompson, Benjamin Miller, Duncan McIntosh, Jacob Tynski

Additonal sounds by ZapSplat

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