Splash Stream

[[[[[ Splash Stream is an innovative Twitch-stream-interactive 2D platformer requiring the player to stay in sync with their chat! Explore the duality of how water can hurt and heal! Enter the name of your Twitch channel in the main menu and play along with your viewers. ]]]]] [[[[[ Your father's greenhouse has become overrun with giant alien bugs. Return it to its former glory by saving the plants! To help them grow, you'll need to use your super water gun! Lower the water pressure to a gentle trickle to water your plants. They just might show you their appreciation! Turn your gun into a high-pressure power washer to take care of those pesky bugs! You never run out of water, and it has no off switch, so go crazy! Try to save as many plants as you can, and win by collecting the Gold Star at the end! But be careful: those bugs are as much a danger to humans as they are to flowers, so avoid contact at all cost! ]]]]] [[[[[ Play with your keyboard: Movement: - Left Arrow: run left - Right Arrow: run right - Spacebar: Jump (hold to jump higher!) ]]]]] [[[[[ Aiming: - Up Arrow: aim gun upwards - Down Arrow: aim gun downwards ]]]]] [[[[[ Ask your viewers to help you out by either raising or lowering the water pressure! Type any of these commands in chat to turn the pressure up: - !powerup - !up - !morepower - !more - !blast Or type any of these commands in chat to turn the pressure down: - !powerdown - !down - !lesspower - !less - !drip ]]]]] [[[[[ Splash Stream reads your channel's chat anonymously, does not save or send any of your information, and requires no login or secure credentials of any kind. Have fun! ]]]]]
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
MS Windows
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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Bokonon_Lives: developer

FishyFish89: developer, level design

Jamijon: art

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Side Scroller