Space Building Simulator (Now with dogs)

This project is an attempt at creating an efficient 2D game engine, running in C# using openGL for graphics. The rendering engine is a heavilly modified variant of a 3D block based rendering engine I made for another project that never got finished, with optimisations for 2D graphics, large amounts of code cleanup and some pretty big refactorings making it almost completely seperate from the original renderer. The game is inspired by games such as Rimworld and Prison Architect where you command pawns to construct and perform actions for you, while you exist in a god-like observer state, as well as taking inspiration from Space Station 13, a simulation/sandbox/social deduction game where you play as a crewmember aboard a technologically advanced but cursed space station. The game and gameplay itself isn't that impressive, however the framework for the engine and possible expansions that can be made in the future is where this project makes up for that, with expandable frameworks for: New rendering systems and shaders New easilly addible entities New AI behaviours and pawn actions New subsystems that can perform processing While it would still need a lot of work to become a fun and playable game, this project is successful as a prototype / proof of concept. A lot of time was spent making the engine robust, so there wasn't as many gameplay related features added as first hoped, however in the future it would be nice to add pawn health systems, atmospherics, environmental dangers, hostile NPCs, improved textures for pawns etc. The main issue with this project is that due to running out of time, there is almost nothing in the game related to the theme of Duality and the theme was pretty much abandoned during development to focus on creating the internal systems. Take a look at the code at: Code related features: - Multi-threading (Large portions of the game have been optimised for multi-threading) - Pawn AI framework - Rendering engine using instance rendering and a batch system for maximum performance - Multi-threaded subsystems - Interface based component system - Object signalling system.
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MS Windows
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Runs using the .net framework 4.7.2 -

Other required DLLs such as GLFW, png16 and zlib are included.


Space station 13 (Beestation codebase) - Textures and assets - (Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA)

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