Soulution - Skin and Bones

A 2 player split-screen puzzle platformer. Set in two different world, a light flower world and a darker bone world, the two parts of a traumatised soul collect things from their worlds and defeat monsters to reach the mirror portals. But they are constantly connected and so when one soul piece dies, the other one too must start at the last point. Try to work together, solving the tasks presented to unite the split soul parts. How to play: With each player playing one of the soul pieces you can run and jump to reach the flowers and bones you need to collect. In the second level, some flowers and bones must be crushed first before collection. Using ladders you can reach platforms too high to jump and the special character abilities (double jump and shoot) you must navigate the monsters, collect enough ingredients and reach the mirror while you counterpart does the same. Good luck! Audio is taken from:
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Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Carolina Atria, Raphael Kolhaupt, James McNeil

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