The two characters are trapped in a prison of souls, when the player chooses one to be able to play with him, the other is imprisoned by the prison and you will have to rescue him fighting against the enemies inside the dungeon. Haven and Zephiel share the same destiny, even though they are people unknown to themselves, neither of them can live together without the other, souls connected by the same, soul mates, a point of convergence that maintains two parts that, although they are totally opposite, share the same fate. They are imprisoned by the weight of their anima and struggle to find the missing part of their being. The duality within them and outside of themselves. Each of them meets the other at the end of the dungeon of souls, defeating and assuming their destiny using the power of dual souls they meet and blindly deduce that they are the treasure they were looking for to complete the puzzle that kept them. locked up Zephiel contains the soul of the saint. Haven contains the soul of the rebel. Together they create the Revolted Noble. The souls they intersperse to defeat the cursed souls are α = Alpha Soul used for Red enemies. Ω = Omega Soul used for Blue enemies. WASD for movement. Click to Shoot.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Programs used: Photoshop, Krita, Clip Paint Studio.

Credit to: Adrián Durán, Sergio Navarro.

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