Soul Yank

Game tells about a sculptor which fell in love with his on creation. He is not sure already if it's a statue or real person. He is trying to find a way to make it alive. And this is where you start to play. This game implements main theme by sowing duality through soul and soulless objects. Alive and Not Alive. Main mechanic of the game is that you can take a soul from a dead body, hold it and animate any object in the game. Originally every level goal is to solve puzzles by making things alive and use them to complete a level. But for now the most part of the game still in progress. At the moment only first level is ready. And 4 others are still in gray prototype state. Some other mechanics are working but no time left to combine everything together. After the jam we may complete this prototype levels. Just to make it playable. I'm still not sure if we need to create a page for incomplete game or not... P.S. You better not check github link. You will not be the same...
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity and Blender. Art was created in ProCreate with IPad.
Installation Instructions: 

You need to extract all files from the archive and start GGJ-22_temp.exe. 

Be aware that game is buggy. 
Settings not work.
During the game you cannot enter the Main menu. So to close the game press Alt+F4 and the game will close.


All assets and code were created by ourselves.

Except water shader:

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