Shadow Abysm

【Game Background】: Hansen, a gifted and intelligent physics genius, has suffered through hardships and lost confidence in life, but in an unintentional experience, he has traveled to a subspace. In this space, everything in the real world will be projected in the shadow world, and Hansen's shadow has thus gained self-awareness. Due to the influence of traveling through space, Hansen lost all memory, but his shadow Nesnah vaguely remembered that they needed to find a substance called soul crystal water in the shadow world. Only by collecting three copies of this substance would they have a chance to help. Hansen returned to the main space. 【Game Characters】: 【Hansen】: He suffered three setbacks in his life, his parents died in an accident, and Hansen was forced to drop out of school to enter the society. Based on his talent for physics, he and his partner Ray discovered a technology to travel through space, but Ray framed Hansen and kicked him out of the company in order to take the technology for himself. When Hansen was in despair, he thought about suicide, but he gave up because of his cowardice, and ended up on the street. 【Nesnah 】(Hansen's Shadow): Hansen's Shadow, a misty mass of humanoid matter, gained self-awareness after Hansen traveled through the Warp. Nesnah can transform his body into a state of nothingness, allowing him to pass through parts of thinner matter, and Hansen can transfer his consciousness to Nesnah and control his movement or see what is visible in the shadow world. 【Game Operation】: 1. Any operation of the player on Hansen or Nesnah will act on both at the same time, that is, the player can complete certain operations through Hansen being blocked by obstacles and Nesnah being able to pass through some obstacles. 2. Players can use WASD to control the character to move left and right, jump and crouch. 3. Players can use Space to choose to interact with interactable items or pick up items. 4. After the character picks up the item or holds the item in Hansen's hand, the player can use P to open the backpack to view the properties and functions of the item, put the item in the hand or put the item in the hand back into the backpack. 5. Players can use Tab to switch between Hansen and Nesnah. 【Game Concept】: In the design of the game, the element of duality is mainly added to increase the contradiction of the character itself. In Hansen's experience, he has a very extraordinary talent, but his experience has been very bumpy. The loss of his parents, the betrayal of a close friend, and his own cowardice have all hit his spirit to the point that he wants to lose faith and even give up his life. But after he passed through and lost his memory, his subconsciousness drove him to live and return to the main space. From the characteristics of Hansen and Nesnah, Hansen cannot pass through objects, while Nesnah can, and the two establish a complementary relationship. Hansen needs the help of Nesnah for many things that cannot be done, and Nesnah is Hansen's shadow and needs to depend on Hansen.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Switch, Other digital platform
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Procreate, PS, PR

Game Design and Planning: Lynch

Level Design: Lynch

Game Art(2D): Mop, Long, RAYvv

Game Sound Effects: RAYvv

Demo Video Making: Mop, Long, RAYvv

Copyright holders: Lynch, Mop, Long, RAYvv



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