A Secret Between Times

A secret between times is a puzzle based game where you need to explore an abandoned mansion of your relatives in both past and present times. This mansion is full of secrets and magic so be advised to not miss a detail and unravell a secret between time.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Maya, Protool, Photoshop
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Download the file .zip

Unzip the file

Do not move anything inside the folder

Run the .exe file 

Enjoy :)


Programming - Ivan Carballar Trejo

Music Composition - Luis López Macías

Level design - Emiliano Moreno Mendoza, Santiago Ferrat Jimenez

Puzzle design - Santiago Ferrat Jimenez, Santiago Zamarripa Garcia

3D Modeling - Santiago Ferrat Jimenez, Emiliano Moreno Mendoza, Santiago Zamarripa Garcia

2D Art: Luis López Macías 

UI - Luis López Macias

Visual Effects - Emiliano Moreno Mendoza, Luis López Macias

Game Design - Ivan Carballar Trejo, Santiago Ferrat Jimenez, Luis López Macías, Emiliano Moreno Mendoza, Santiago Zamarripa

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