Scary Werewolf

Play as a secret werewolf that must transform to see and attack the ghosts killing the villagers. Villagers will run away afraid if they see you as a wolf, but be completely fine around you as a normal person. Unfortunately, you can only see and attack ghosts while in wolf form (they are still visible in the minimap though). WASD - move Q - transform SPACE - attack E - howl (scares away all villagers, allowing you to herd them away and confuse the ghosts) Projection of views are added to make it easier to see direction player and villagers are facing. Ghost spawn rate gradually increases from 1 every 10 seconds to 1 every second This game was made solo and has no art (sorry, may add it later). Credit to Peter Lager (aka Quark) for Processing path finding library, all code is otherwise mine.
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MS Windows
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download and play (on windows)


Josiah Wilkinson

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