Robocalypse is a 1v1 dueling game about two robots fighting each other after the fall of mankind Each player has two weapons and two shields, one shoots/defends vs energy and the other shoots/defends vs physical bullets, there is also a small parry window at the beginning of a block parrying a physical shot will ricochet it back at the shooter parrying an energy shot will overcharge the next energy shot, making it pass through obstacles Disclaimer, this game can only be played with 2 controllers and controls were only tested with dual sense controllers, although the game should work with any controller Controls: Left trigger - Energy cannon Left button - Energy shield Right trigger - Gun Right button - Physical shield X/A = Dash Left joystick - Move Right joystick - Aim/Look
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
All that Jazz
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Autodesk Maya

Avishai Menashe - Project lead ,VFX, Animation and Look Dev

Tomer Steinbock - Programming and Look Dev

Julia Ballo - 3D Modeling, Rigging and Animation

Naor Liron - Programming

Or Borenstein - Sound FX(Which unfortunately ended up getting cut)

Sumsum - Adorable

Tim - totzli

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