Rex, a space renegade, is taken into the computer to fight evil viruses, who have taken over! However he's not alone; Norma, AI, is deciphering viruses' to give him additional buffs while's busy jumping and shooting. And in the meantime, she's providing useful commentary, but also singing much to Rex's annoyance. A two-player co-op game. The Player 1 (left) is moving the player's avatar using A/LEFT, D/RIGHT and W/SPACE to jump, where shooting is left or right CTRL. But to shoot, you need AMMO! When you crash with the virus, your HP or SHIELD lowers! To provide resources for you, this is player 2's (right) job. Using a mouse, try to match at least of 3 fragments of virus' ciphers represented as crystals to destroy them. Red will provide HP, green will provide SHIELD, blue will provide AMMO. Yellow will give you additional time. If more than 3 were matched, buffs are greater. Yet, the number of moves is limited - Player 1 need's to get shiny crystal to give Player 2 more moves.
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20th Century Gaming
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Raylib ( with raylib-cs wrapper, C#.
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Unzip and run "Rex2.exe" (from "Windows" folder) on Windows or "Rex2" (from "Linux" folder) on Linux.


Code: Marcin Badurowicz (ktos) -

Includes some fragments of example Match3 game by Hector Pulido, used under MIT license.

Graphics: Stanisław Skulimowski (stachir) -


Music: Marylka
Sounds: Kenney -

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