Refrigerator is a locker people used to store food and other stuff. People can only see when they are trying to open the doors. Then what is happening in that? Outside atmosphere and the space in the refrigerator are two parallel worlds. People do not know what the conspiracies that the food inside the refrigerator are plotting. Now, you are a piece of beef in a refrigerator. You are trying to escape from jail. When the doors are closed, you can transform into a cow and run around in the refrigerator. On the way to your escape, you can try to collect all the companions who are also pieces of meat in jail. You cannot be found as a small cow when the people open the door for inspection. Let’s try to escape! Once you escape or get caught from the refrigerator, try to press F again, and see what happens… WASD —---- move Space —---- jump Shift —----- dash F —---- transform
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Another Dimension
Stick Together
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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Modeled in MagicaVoxel.

Team: Haoda Zhao, Yinong Ge, Yiran Ye. 

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