Reap What You Sow

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, just relaxing, tending to your plants. They're getting a little thirsty, poor things, and you're out of their favourite food - Fresh Plant Demon Blood. Best pop down to hell and harvest some so your cute little buddies don't get too parched... Swap between dimensions to refill your watering can with blood, jump back to your lounge and water your plants - but beware - when you're in your lounge you've got no clue what the demons are up to - or what they're doing to your plants... Harvest Demons in hell, collect their water while protecting your plant buddies, and then jump back to your lounge to feed your plants before they get too thirsty!
Jam year: 
MS Windows

Harry Sofokleous - Development

Bailey Hughes - Concept Art / 3D Modelling

Jake Miller - Concept Art

Jade Tubb - Concept Art / Texturing

Finlay Cleland - 3D modelling / Texturing

George Cutler - 3D Modelling / Texturing

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Third Person