EPILEPSY WARNING Rules: Pufferwave Do you want to kill your friend indirectly by means of 4D physics? Want to experience the intense life of a puffer fish with legs and gnarly glasses in a vaporwave arena? That is oddly specific, but this game might just be for you if that is the case. Pufferwave is a 2 player platformer fighter where you try to knock down your opponent into a bottomless pit by pushing and changing the arena floor under their feet. Jam out to Synthwave beats while being the indirect cause of your friends’ death! Controls: P1: “Clayton ‘n’ Beau” A = Left D = Right W = jump W + W = Double jump F = Push G = Change map state P2: “Hank ‘n’ Boone” Left arrow = Left Right arrow = Right Up arrow = jump Up arrow + up arrow = Double jump Comma (,) = Push Dot (.) = Change map state “It’s like monopoly, but you actually hate your friends” - Game Owner and graphics artist “This could’ve been a game about shooting cows and cars with a shotgun, but it ended up being about pufferfish and vaporwave.” - Coffee boy “You know what I hate? Programming.” - Programmer
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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