Pip pip!

-- Second prize at the Bristol Global Game Jam 2022 -- You come home after a long trip away to find your house riddled with an array of red and blue burglars ransacking your house for swag. Thankfully you have your trusty peashooter at the ready. Take the cheeky good for nothings out! Also you have to shoot red robbers whilst in red mode and blue robbers in blue more, because: reasons! Game was developed using the Aimtrak Pro lightgun but it is also relatively fun with a mouse. When using a lightgun try putting your keyboard on the ground and tapping space to swap colour mode. On mouse use right click. Credits: @timbhison (programming) @2dforever (art) @lewisthompsound (audio)
Jam year: 
The Best from Britain - (Sponsored by UK Games Fund/Transfuzer)
Celebrate and Protect Cultural Heritage - (Sponsored by Cultural Antiquities Task Force of the US State Department)
20th Century Gaming
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
You need a freakin’ light gun (or mouse) Also you can use a keyboard as a pedal

Tim Stone: programmer

Tom Waterhouse: art

Lewis Thompson: audio



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