Pinecone Pizza Party!

You are Pinecone, an adorable but mischievous tortoiseshell cat who loves pizza! Your humans have ordered pizza, but won't share and instead try to spray you with water when you try to get some. Distract them with your cuteness by snuggling in cardboard boxes so they won't spray you, then rush to the pizza when they're not looking! Don't stay in the boxes too long though - if you overload your cuteness, the toddler will appear and try to put you in an inescapable snuggle!
Jam year: 
20th Century Gaming
Acutely Eye-dentifiable
Take A Break
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Built in GB Studio and able to be played on Game Boy.
Installation Instructions: 

The game is released as a .gbc file (Game Boy Color ROM file) within the Releases folder in the .zip below. Play it in your favorite Game Boy Emulator or flash it to a cartridge to be played on hardware!


Development: Clara and Chris Totten

Artwork: Adeline, Margaret, and Chris Totten

Design: Adeline, Margaret, Clara, and Chris Totten

Music selected by Clara and Margaret Totten (music chosen from the GB Studio Community Music Assets repository)

Inspiration: Pinecone (cat), Kiki (cat), William (human, toddler), and Piper (dog, RIP)

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Game Tags: 
Side Scroller