A calamity has mixed up the mortal and spirituals reialms, destroying all life with it. All the souls yearn to flee from this prugatory to restore their world, however, the road is full of danger. On their path, souls must scape while balancing the light and darkness within, because a great imbalance will erase their very existence. Every soul wears a stone mask and holds two orbs that represents light and darkness. With every impact, the orbits will reverse and the damaged orb will lose some energy. High imbalance between these two opposite energies will lead to asynchrony, which will make increasingly difficult to control your soul. As a bonus, every time you manage to balance light and darkness, you earn a shield that will protect your soul from the next hit. When either of the orbs loses its energy completely, it's game over and the soul is erased from the very existence. Nobody will remember them (and for another chance you will have to launch the game again, because we didn't got time to ready a proper level manager).
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20th Century Gaming
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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