Null and Void

A small child, Null, wanders about on a lark, Then encountering a forest, deep and dark. He finds ruins about, of a temple old, And seeks to explore, perhaps in search of gold. Instead of treasure, Null finds a small creature, Void. A spinning whirl, its own magicks employed. Void follows Null, its curiosity piqued, As deeper into the ruins, the Null child sneaked. What old gods had been here, Null did not know, As creatures of evil out of the shadows did flow. But to Null's surprise, his following pet could protect, Just one touch to the shadows, and Void's power would deflect. Deeper into the ruins, Null continued to creep, Finding altars and ciphers, puzzles with complexity steep. And now your skills are needed, these puzzles to solve, To help Null in his journey, and the old magicks dissolve.
Jam year: 
All that Jazz
Brxu Vhfuhw lv Vdih zlwk Ph
Rhyme or Reason
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Web GL build will not import all necessary elements and runs a little slow. Downloadable executable is prefered.
Installation Instructions: 

The zip file contains a Unity executable for Windows, just download and play! The game is fully playable, beginning to end.

Arrow Keys or WASD - movement

Spacebar - Jump

Note: Mouse clicks will break menus.


Game design: Julian, Jon, Elonka, Avery, Eric

Eric Nielsen: Sound and Art

Avery Bowes: Programming and Art

Jon B. “Cheezyrock” Honeycutt - Programmer

Julian Foat: Art and Concept Design

Elonka Dunin: Cryptographic puzzle design, glyphs and rhymes

Music: "Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil" written by Irving Berlin (1922), arr. by Eric N.

Glyphs inspired by the Cylob pamphlet

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Game Tags: 
Third Person