Now you see me, Now you don't!

A top-down shooter, in which you control a detective and their soul companion. You have to survive as long as possible, while waves of enemies come for your light! How to play: Try to achieve the highest score, by killing the enemies. The detective can shoot the spirits. The ghost can hit the skeletons. To change the character press Q. To shoot with the detective, aim with the mouse and shoot with the left button. To move the characters use WASD. The ghost uses WASD to hit enemies. Both characters can collect hearts to replenish health, and heart containers, to increase the maximum health, up to 10 slots. Have Fun!!
Jam year: 
20th Century Gaming
All that Jazz
Take A Break
Rhyme or Reason
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art made on the Website
Installation Instructions: 

For the source files:

Download Unity version 2020.3.13f1.

Once downloaded, open the project inside UNITY, build and run.

For the executable:

Double-click the executable file.


Made by:

Antonio C. R. O. Russo

Jaques M. Soler


Original art made by the developers.

Songs on public domain remixed by the developers:

Night Latch Key Blues by Virginia Liston

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Source files: 
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