The Not so Great Outdoors

It's 6pm, Bill has a car accident and is stranded in the forest at night. He has to wait until 8am for the rescue to come and get him. Unfortunately for him, the forest is not welcoming. Gather wood, feed, and negotiate with the animals of the forest and try to SURVIVE in this "not so great outdoors". You will find a .txt file of the rules in the directory of the .exe
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Run the exe file -- with a gamepad connected

  • Alberic Poulignier     --   Game Designer / Programmer (BG)
  • Paul Arnaud               --  Game Designer / Programmer (bogoss)
  • Jean Fernandez        --   Character Artist / UI Artist (La veine)
  • Jorys Abadie             --   Character Artist / Rigger / Animator / Sound Design (El fuego de la noche)
  • Léo Pepin Lehalleur --   Animator / VFX (Bebou)
  • Rayan Pardo              --   Environment Artist / Waterfall Artist / (Every time we touch)
  • Raphael Garcia         --   Environment Artist (Mafia boss)

Thanks to the educational team of ArtFX for the organization of this jam. You rock !

Game Stills: 
Game Tags: 
Third Person